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  • All Successful People have this in Common

    All Successful People have this in Common

    Can you guess the one surprising factor that separates West Point cadets who finish the grueling “Beast Barracks” initiation from those who don’t? It’s not strength… speed… or smarts. It’s GRIT — aka the passion and perseverance to reach your long-term goals — and it’s a huge component of mental toughness and taking personal responsibility for your outcomes. And it can play a big role in helping YOU to reach your goals, too. Psychologists were interested in what led cadets to drop out during their West Point initiation, so they ran a study that spanned 9 different classes. Now to even get into West ....

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  • Super Greens Frozen Smoothie Bowl

    Super Greens Frozen Smoothie Bowl

    This month we are talking about resilience… mental toughness… and taking personal responsibility! The foods you choose to eat play a HUGE role in your resilience. Here’s why: You’ve probably heard that chronic inflammation plays a big role in what has been called the “four horsemen of the medical apocalypse”: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Stress causes inflammation — and a diet of less-than-healthy foods adds to that stress and inflammation. To eat for more resilience, focus on foods that make your body feel good: simple, nutritious meals that are loaded with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that help ....

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  • How to Build Mental Toughness

    How to Build Mental Toughness

    There is something about grit/mental toughness that we tend to forget or maybe you don't even think about. It’s actually EMPOWERING and FUN to build it! Remember when you were a kid and you were learning a new skill — swimming, riding a bike, jumping rope, shooting baskets, etc — and you’d challenge yourself to do just a little more? And then you’d be so proud of yourself as you got better and better? Well, that’s all a part of building more grit and mental toughness. James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, shared a few ways to build more grit to make the process more fun. 1. Define what “grit” means to you. Some ....

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  • Meet Stephanie

    Meet Stephanie

    We have amazingly awesome teammates!! Stephanie has been a member and personal training client with us for about a year. She’s loves her one on one training with Johanna and P90X Live. She loves the openness and camaraderie of Ferguson Fitness. Despite her husband fighting through an illness and being a full time working mom, she’s been able to workout consistently, relieve stress, take care of herself so she can take care of her family. We are super proud of her dedication and love having her as part of our Fit Fam. ....

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  • Meet Allan

    Meet Allan

    Meet one of our teammates who has become a great friend, advisor and role model and just an all around good dude!! Allan Mower is a sales and marketing executive for a local television station and has been a Ferguson Fitness member for the past 5 years. His favorite class is Dekafit. He loves the variety of workouts we offer. “I love that I never know what I’m getting into when I step into the gym. There is a tremendous sense of accomplishment after completing a daily mission set out by the coaches.” His biggest accomplishments since joining including completing a 13+ mile Spartan Beast and the 40 ft tall confidence course at VMI. He conquered his fear of heights ....

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  • Meet Melissa

    Meet Melissa

    Checkout this story on our amazing teammate Melissa in the Vinton Messenger! “Our next Terrier Spotlight of the Week, the “Most Interesting Teacher in Vinton,” is Ms. Melissa Carr! The free-spirited, enigmatic AP Science teacher is a fascinating figure among students and staff. Is it the numerous travel patches on her book bag? Is it that she competes in obstacle course races? Or is it that she listens to musical groups like the Mediaeval Baebes? We may never know! What we do know is that she’s an instructional tour-de-force whose commitment to her students and the science department is next-to-none. Thank you, Ms. Carr, for being such a talented and ....

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  • Meet the Kennedys

    Meet the Kennedys

    Robin and Crystal Kennedy are one of our favorite couples at Ferguson Fitness who continue to make a huge positive impact on our team and the entire community! Crystal is the manager at Fleet Feet Roanoke and Robin is a healthcare training consultant. Both of them started with us as clients 4 years ago and both are now coaching and leading workouts! Crystals favorite class to teach is Spartan SGX because...well she’s in charge . But her favorite class to take is Dekafit. Robin’s current fave is Stronger Together because she is enjoying learning more about strength training and because it’s a fun social hour too What do you love most about our gym? ....

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  • Our new location in Varsity Park!

    Our new location in Varsity Park!

    We are SO EXCITED to announce our new location at the brand new Varsity Park on Franklin Road!! Our new space is on the first floor of the new storage building directly overlooking the fields of Riverside Park. Early on, the Varsity design team set aside this space with the goal of finding a great fitness operator to bring life and energy to the building and to connect us with the nearby outdoor amenities. When we met with them, we knew this company and site were the perfect fit for our future home! We plan to maximize their new location’s proximity to the greenway and Riverside Park. Owner Anthony Ferguson said, “Many of our specialty programs focus on outdoor training ....

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