Our Group Fitness Classes In Roanoke Offer Everything From Spartan SGX To Insanity And More!

At Ferguson Fitness, our schedule is jam-packed with Group Fitness classes that meet the needs of all ages and abilities - including a full Spartan SGX obstacle course and Spartan SGX training for all experience levels.

We take pride in offering Roanoke a wide range of choices when it comes to your fitness routine. We're here to keep your body guessing and help you see incredible results like never before.

PLUS, our training is great for all experience levels. We have modifications and scalable solutions to meet your unique needs on day one.

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We're Offering You The Widest Selection Of Group Fitness Classes in Roanoke

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build strength, or just have some fun staying active, we've got the answer.

At Ferguson Fitness, we offer a Group Fitness system that relies on professional coaching and total-body training. You'll walk away feeling more accomplished than ever before.

Join us in Roanoke for:

Spartan SGX Training: These 1-hour SGX workouts provide training in four domains: Athleticism, Endurance, Strength, and Mind. In addition, you will be advised on obstacle race strategy, including techniques for overcoming Spartan obstacles. Spartan SGX Training is the official training program of the Spartan Race and we are proud to be the first to offer it in the region. 

Coaches may integrate weight-bearing movements and back-to-basics equipment, from kettlebells to pull-up bars to sandbags. And you may also climb, row, run or spin, to build all-around fitness. Even if you never run a Spartan Race, you will still benefit. After all, given the incredible demands of an obstacle race, a Spartan needs to be an ultimate athlete.

Spartan SGX Formidable: A fun and ever changing strength training class that will build muscular strength and endurance. Classes focus on form and technique through a combination of upper and lower body barbell lifts that are often supplemented with dumbbell and bodyweight circuits. Perfect for all fitness levels.

Cal·is·then·ics: Build muscle with just your body weight. We'll help you tone and build lean strength with a series of high-energy movements in every class. Modifications are available for all experience levels. 

Star City Boot Camp: Developed by former United States Marine and Owner Anthony Ferguson, this Boot Camp focuses on the 4 C's (Conditioning, Cardio, Core Training, and Challenges). It's tons of fun and combines teamwork with dynamic total-body training. Get the most out of every movement.

Core De Force Live: Adapt Mixed Martial Arts movements into a dynamic body shaping class. We'll work your core like never before and leave you feeling like a total badass. 

P90X Live: You've heard of it before, now we're taking it on together. This a total-body training system that strengthens, burns fat, and builds endurance in no time. 

Insanity Live: Take on the challenge of cardio training and athletic conditioning. We're helping you push through a cutting-edge workout without the use of any equipment.

PIYO Live: This system takes body sculpting to the next level. We're combining the best aspects of Yoga and Pilates to help you tone, tighten, and strengthen. 

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