Why I Race – Meet Meredith!

Why I Race – Meet Meredith!

Sep 27, 2017

Featured Spartan: Meredith Hudson



Tell us about your Spartan story and what motivated you to do a Spartan race:

I did my first race in April of 2017 in Charlotte. It was a way for my husband and John to spend some time together. I was terrified but knew I had him with me. It was such a wonderful feeling to finish it and I loved it, I was ready to do more. I am never going to be the one who does this for time, but I will do them just to have some time with some awesome people without a phone….

In your own words, how did Ferguson Fitness help you prepare for your Spartan race?

I did my first race before I knew Ferguson Fitness. I did my second race after training for a few months with Ferguson. HOLY COW – they so prepared me for this race. I was able to finish some obstacles that 6 months before John had to help me on. I had some endurance, way more strength, both mentally and physically.


Talk about your experience in training with our Spartan Team and how that benefited your race preparation.

I am not sure I have the words to describe how amazing and inspiring training with the team is. It is the most fantastic group I know. They never make you feel like you don’t belong, they welcome you, they include you, they are a family. They push you to do all you can and at the same time will help you get there. They believe in teamwork. They have pushed me out of my comfort zone and are making me a better person. I really wish I had the words to explain my experience, but I just can’t. There are no words for how wonderful Ferguson Fitness really is, they are just BADASS and wonderful.

Describe your Spartan race day experience:

OOOH, you know its going to be a good day when you start crying when you get over the entrance wall… It was a day of laughter, teamwork, more tears of joy than I have had in a long time and just an amazing experience. We were surrounded by the most inspiring, encouraging group of people. We had a blast. Other runners were inspired by our group, We were the epitome of a team. We are what this world needs.


What would you tell someone who is thinking about training for a Spartan race?

Come to Ferguson, it is not as scary as you think, It is empowering, A Spartan race is about fun, team work and being willing to push yourself to a new limit. You are never alone, unless you choose to be. Someone will be there to help you and you will get there. Your life will change, your mentality will change, you will feel stronger when you jump that fire.


Interested in training for a Spartan race with Ferguson Fitness?  We are the only regional official Spartan Race Training Center offering SGX workouts along with a variety of other group workouts and personal or at home training options.  We have lots of ways to help you even from a distance.  We are enrolling now for our 2017 training season so click below to fill out an interest form and application and we will follow up with more information and schedule your free consultation and first free workout!


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