Spartan Training – Why I Race – Meet Jason!

Spartan Training – Why I Race – Meet Jason!

Oct 23, 2016




Tell us about your Spartan story and what motivated you to do a Spartan race:

I had previously gotten into the OCR world when I ran a Tough Mudder in 2013. I had been working out regularly at a different studio, when they all of a sudden stopped offering the classes I was attending. I was a smoker prior to September 2015, but I had made a promise to my wife and son that I would be a better husband, father, and role model, so I quit smoking. I needed something to keep up my motivation, and a friend referred me to Ferguson Fitness since they were starting a Spartan Race group and offering training. I got involved with the group and immediately felt welcomed and supported. I ran my first Spartan race in April 2016 and continued my workouts at home. My wife followed my lead and my son started to copy my workouts. My son ran his first Spartan race this year because he wanted to be like daddy, and he is my #whyirace. I haven’t smoked in over a year!


In your own words, how did Ferguson Fitness help you prepare for your Spartan race?

Ferguson Fitness gave me a place to go for training where I felt welcomed and encouraged. The atmosphere is very relaxed and I met a lot of other people who had similar goals. Ferguson Fitness offered boot camp style training sessions that included Spartan obstacles and were led by people who had experience with the races and they shared insider tips for success.


Describe what you did to prepare for your Spartan race:

Anthony worked with me on determining my nutritional needs and changing my diet. I attended several Spartan group sessions and continued to workout at home using 22 Minute Hard Corp.


What changes have you experienced in preparing for your Spartan race?

I have focused more of my training on preparing for specific obstacles (such as monkey bars, rings, spear throws, bucket carries, etc.) instead of just running and lifting for general fitness.


Describe your Spartan race day experience:

It was a cold day in April, but when I get to the race, I felt prepared due to my training. When I got to each obstacle, I didn’t have any shock, because I had been prepped on what to expect by the experienced trainers at Ferguson Fitness. I made it through all but 3 of the obstacles of the Spartan Sprint (which meant I had to do a total of 90 burpees), but I was able to complete the majority of the obstacles on my own as a result of my training. At the end of the race, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment and I set a goal to complete my Spartan trifecta in 2017.


What would you tell someone who is thinking about training for a Spartan race?

Bite the bullet and dive right in. If someone has even the slightest interest in doing an obstacle course race, then the Ferguson Fitness group will help get them prepared and will support them through their journey. The Spartan Sprint is the shortest and easiest of the Spartan races and is typically the first one offered in the series, so start there, get the OCR bug, and don’t stop!


Interested in training for a Spartan race with Ferguson Fitness?  We are the only regional official Spartan Race Training Center offering SGX workouts along with a variety of other group workouts and personal or at home training options.  We have lots of ways to help you even from a distance.  We are enrolling now for our 2017 training season so click below to fill out an interest form and application and we will follow up with more information and schedule your free consultation and first free workout!

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