Spartan Training – Why I race – Meet Jarett!

Spartan Training – Why I race – Meet Jarett!

Apr 14, 2017

Featured Spartan: Jarett Henshaw




Tell us about your Spartan story and what motivated you to do a Spartan race:

I’m on my fourth year doing Spartan races, but my training at Ferguson Fitness has taken me to the next level of competition. My goals have changed from completing races, to racing competitively for time and position on the race course.


In your own words, how did Ferguson Fitness help you prepare for your Spartan race?

I’ve seen huge gains in upper body movements. I can crush every upper body obstacle now. I’ve went from 7 to 20 pull ups now and my grip strength is lock tight. Also my over all core strength is incredibly strong and my conditioning/cardio is through the roof!


Describe what you did to prepare for your Spartan race:

SGX class got me to the next level. The high intensity obstacle focused workouts has pushed me beyond what I thought I could achieve physically.

Talk about your experience in training with our Spartan Team and how that benefited your race preparation.

I didn’t start out planning to help lead the team, but as we progressed I really enjoyed helping coach others in ways to improve their own fitness. I’ve been so motivated by seeing the team’s progress and it motivates me to get stronger every day.

What changes have you experienced in preparing for your Spartan race?

In Charlotte I had my best race ever completing every obstacle and in my fastest time ever. 1hr 5min 46secs! I got 2nd in my age group which I never even thought was possible. I have Ferguson Fitness to thank for this monumental achievement!

Describe your Spartan race day experience:

Fast, fun, muddy, and ready for the next one.



What would you tell someone who is thinking about training for a Spartan race?

Anyone can do a Spartan Race. It’s for all fitness levels and we can help get you ready!


Interested in training for a Spartan race with Ferguson Fitness?  We are the only regional official Spartan Race Training Center offering SGX workouts along with a variety of other group workouts and personal or at home training options.  We have lots of ways to help you even from a distance.  We are enrolling now for our 2017 training season so click below to fill out an interest form and application and we will follow up with more information and schedule your free consultation and first free workout!


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