Snow Day Workouts

Snow Day Workouts

Feb 16, 2015


snow day workouts


We are finally getting a real snow storm here in Virginia instead of bitter cold and freezing rain.  Its exciting and fun but winter weather can definitely hender your progress if you don’t have access to your regular gym because its closed or the roads are not safe.  Or maybe your schedule is altered due to your kids being out of school.  That’s why we are so excited that we have so many great at home workouts in our library so we can stay on track and consistent.  Anthony and I are currently working through the brand new 21 Day Fix Extreme and its CHALLENGING but fun and easy to do at home with a set or two of dumbbells.  Workouts are only 30 minutes per day – tons of intensity and challenge but in a very efficient sequence to save time and get the maximum amount of work done in a minimum amount of time.  We thought we would share some sample workouts here for everyone stuck at home in the snow so you too can stay on track!

The first sample workout comes from Autumn Calabrese – creator of the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme programs.  This one is based on using your High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT and using your own body weight so this is perfect to do at home.  Build muscle and torch calories with this intense calisthenics workout!



Next, we chose a Leg workout and bonus 5 minute Core Shredding workout from Autumn to give you lots of workout options. 21 Day Fix is a new fitness program that includes simple nutrition with color coded portion control containers making it super easy to plan and pack meals and make sure your nutrition is where it should be.  The program also features simple 30 minute workouts that have modifications for every fitness level beginner to advanced.  Its meant to be a great place to start your new healthy lifestyle and get a jumpstart on your results.  Autumn also just released 21 Day Fix EXTREME.  This is the program Anthony and I are doing together right now.  Its designed for 21 Day Fix graduates or those with a baseline of fitness ready to see how far they can take their physique in 21 Days.  The meal plan is a little more “dialed in” with no treats or cheats.  We just launched our February challenge group with both Fix and Fix Extreme this week but our next challenge will March 9th.  Check out these workouts and then complete the Challenge Group Application below to get more information!


Of course we didn’t want to leave out our bodybuilding fans.   Click below to download the Body Beast Total Body Workout for your home gym or next trip to the gym!  Contact us at to learn more about Body Beast and order it through our website so we can help coach you through!


Beast Total Body


Last but not least, Johanna’s favorite – PIYO!  So much more than just stretching, Piyo combines moves based out of yoga and Pilates in dynamic ways and sequences designed to build strength and make you SWEAT.  Piyo is great for people who know they need to stretch but don’t like yoga or doing slow, held stretches at the end of their workouts.  Here, PIYO creator Chalene Johnson does a nice tutorial of the basic moves you need to learn for PIYO.  Want to know more about Piyo or try it at home or in our studio class?  Email us at for more info!



Alright, that should give everyone some great workout choices for your snow day to keep you active and avoid cabin fever!!  If you want to know more about training with Ferguson Fitness in our live group workouts, personal training or online fitness challenges,  email us at


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