My review of the Beachbody performance line

My review of the Beachbody performance line

Jan 23, 2016

Our mission of helping others change their lives through fitness is one we love and take very seriously. Living the fitness lifestyle and leading by example is the only way to truly make sure that we are providing the absolute best information and support. You know the saying “never trust a skinny chef…well why would you ever trust a out of shape trainer? Over the years Johanna and I have consistently researched and then put numerous nutrition and training programs to the test before recommending them to clients. So this year while attending the Beachbody Summit in Nashville we finally got a chance to try the new performance line that we had been eagerly awaiting! We decided to try the entire stack for a month and see how it helped our performance and recovery. Now it has been over 6 months and we are still using the stack and very satisfied. As always I must stress to you that its vital to have your nutrition on target and check with your Doctor first before adding supplements to your program. Supplements are just that..a supplement to a healthy nutrition and workout program. The performance line is designed to work together as a stack but we an help you decide if even one of the performance line could make a big impact on your results.

Let me breakdown each supplement and explain how and when I am using them

ENERGIZE is formulated with key ingredients to help:*Boost energy and endurance • Improve exercise performance • Sharpen focus and reaction time • Increase muscle power output • Delay exercise-induced muscle fatigue. The key ingredients are  Beta-alanine, Low-dose caffeine (from green tea) and Quercetin.

I love Energize and use two scoops before each workout. I start drinking it about ten minutes before and power through sessions feeling focused and well energized. What I like most is I have never felt the jittery, cold sweat feel I had experienced with other pre-workout products.


RECOVER • Speed muscle recovery • Combat exercise-induced muscle soreness • Reduce muscle breakdown • Promote lean-muscle growth • Improve adaptation to exercise • Improve muscle strength recovery • Support muscle glycogen recovery. Key ingredients: Pomegranate extract * 20 grams of time-released protein * (BCAAs) 

We use Recover daily right after workouts. One of the best parts of Recover is the taste (tastes like a Wendy’s frosty!!) This has been a great way for me to get in extra protein and considering how hard my training has been for American Ninja Warrior I would have to say its helping me not be so sore!

HYDRATE: • Improve exercise performance • Improve endurance • Support hydration during exercise • Replace electrolytes lost during exercise • Increase fluid absorption during exercise. Key Ingredients: Hydration blend*Quercetin*Low-dose carbohydrates (from natural sugars)

We use at least one scoop of Hydrate before workouts that we know will be high intensity and I really felt the difference using this when it was hot outside. Our nine year old daughter Eve uses this during her three hour gymnastics practice instead of a high sugar Gatorade or Powerade sports drink.


RECHARGE – RECHARGE is formulated with key ingredients to help:* • Support overnight muscle recovery • Combat exercise-induced muscle soreness • Reduce muscle breakdown • Promote lean-muscle synthesis • Improve overnight adaptation to exercise. Key ingredients * Tart cherry *20 grams of slow-release micellar casein protein*Branched-chain amino acids

Typically I do not use Recharge daily and mainly its because due to our group training schedule I eat dinner late and the perfect time to maximize the slow release protein would be at bedtime. The flavor is good and sometimes I use it post workout blended with frozen fruit.

CREATINE-  Improve high-intensity exercise performance • Improve muscle strength and power • Enhance the effects of resistance training • Enhance muscle glycogen recovery. Key Ingredient –  Pure Creatine monohydrate 

I use a very small amount daily (2.5 grams) daily and have taken creatine on and off since the late 90’s after first hearing about it while in the Marine Corps. Over time I have noticed I get the benefits of added power and muscular endurance even if only take a small amount. Typically I mix it into my power smoothie along with spinach,fruit and Shakeology.

Final thoughts – I am very impressed with the quality, safety and results from the performance line. Another big benefit for me is that I know I am using products backed with science and research saving me the time and money of trying the endless flood of supplements available. The entire performance line is NSF certified for sport which is a big deal for competitive athletes!

If you are interested in getting more detailed information, a free sample of the Beachbody Performance supplements and/or working with me on your own fitness program, please fill out the contact form below and I will connect with you soon!



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