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Erin Hershey

Background: I’m from Blacksburg, Virginia. I love being outside, playing sports, hiking, running around with my two little girls & hubby, anything that keeps me active. Education: I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Health Promotion from Virginia Tech.

Family: My family is Brent my husband, My two daughters Avery (7) and Kadyn (3). I have an older brother Eli and a younger sister Lauren. I have an amazing family as well as extended family who set great examples for me. In regard to pets, it just depends on the day, my husband likes to surprise us. We started a chicken farm, so here in a few months if you need fresh farm eggs, hit me up. I know two cute little girls who would like to sell them to you??

What I teach: Star City Boot Camp and I’m a personal trainer also.

Show that makes me LOL: Ridiculousness.

Favorite pump up song: hard to just pick one, I feel like it changes all the time so here’s a few that I like at the moment: I like a lot by Skillet ‘Feel Invincible’ TobyMac collaborates with a lot of artists I enjoy him. Give this a listen: ‘Til the day I die’ TobyMac Feat. NF. And Carrie Underwood ‘Champion’ Feat. Ludacris

Favorite healthy meal: Brent is a great hunter and supplies the majority of our protein. Lots of venison in our house. So I would have to say grilled venison burgers topped with avocado, grilled squash, asparagus, zucchini, and corn on the cob.

Really passionate about: I love being any part of someone’s journey to being a healthier version of themselves. It’s a privilege to watch someone grow, in many facets. It always translates to more than just victories in the gym or on the scale. Getting to see someone transform the way they think about their day, time, themselves, their business, their family life, the list goes on and never gets old!

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