Why I Race – Meet Sarah!

Why I Race – Meet Sarah!

Apr 18, 2017

Featured Spartan: Sarah Henshaw





Tell us about your Spartan story and what motivated you to do a Spartan race:

I was one of those sideline spouse supporters for Spartan races! My husband has been doing Spartan races for over three years. I saw the joy and the excitement in him so I signed up for a trifecta! It was my new years resolution to get into shape and try something new! Something to challenge myself with.

In your own words, how did Ferguson Fitness help you prepare for your Spartan race?

My first workout with Ferguson Fitness, I didn’t understand the concept of doing a burpee. I was watching the group do a burpee and I was thinking you want me to throw my body on the ground, do a push up then jump up?! My first burpee I had to walk my legs out into the plank position! Now I do burpees with easy! It’s just part of our workout and during the race 30 feels like nothing! If you think you can train for a Spartan race on you own, you need to try a workout with the Fergusons first. They created workouts to get you ready for the race.  Where can you workout that offers money bars, a practice atlas stone, practice spear throwing, a 6ft wall you can practice climbing over? Ferguson Fitness hasa  set up that each workout will help you with all the obstacles that a Spartan race can throw at you!


Describe what you did to prepare for your Spartan race:

I went to Ferguson Fitness 3-4 times a week. On my days that I work I would do a at home workout video. At least once a week I went for a trail run or hike. I also went to clean eating for my diet.


Talk about your experience in training with our Spartan Team and how that benefited your race preparation.

The Spartan team at Ferguson Fitness is more like a family. We work on core moves to help us be prepared for the race. Not in just workouts but also nutrition tips to make sure you are healthy and strong enough for the race.

What changes have you experienced in preparing for your Spartan race?

I started out at Ferguson Fitness not very strong. I am more of a runner than strong lifter. I have become strong with Ferguson Fitness workouts. I can do a pull up now. My grip strength has gotten so much stronger, when I first started I could only hang for 20 seconds before falling off. Spartan races have so many obstacles that require grip strength, from rings to monkey bars (I can do money bars now) to just climbing over tall walls. The strength is so important in a Spartan race!

Describe your Spartan race day experience:

We started our race out as a team. It was so inspiring watching my teammates conquer obstacles and overcome fears that they didn’t know they had. We were there for each other and cheered each other on! Very empowering watching people complete this race!


What would you tell someone who is thinking about training for a Spartan race?

Just do it! Really don’t be like me and just keep putting it off! I can’t believe I haven’t done a Spartan race before. I do absolutely believe that ferguson fitness got my is Ikelea and mentally prepared for my first Spartan race! All I can tell you is when they say, “you’ll know at the finish line” as soon as you cross that line you will know and love it!


Interested in training for a Spartan race with Ferguson Fitness?  We are the only regional official Spartan Race Training Center offering SGX workouts along with a variety of other group workouts and personal or at home training options.  We have lots of ways to help you even from a distance.  We are enrolling now for our 2017 training season so click below to fill out an interest form and application and we will follow up with more information and schedule your free consultation and first free workout!


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