Spartan Training – Why I Race – Meet Sarah!

Spartan Training – Why I Race – Meet Sarah!

Oct 22, 2016

Featured Spartan – Sarah Brooks

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Tell us about your Spartan story and what motivated you to do a Spartan race:

I signed up for my first race in April to do the Charlotte sprint! I signed up with my friend Karen! I saw that she was doing it along with Renee Brown! I have always wanted to do an OCR but never had anyone else to do it with! So I said why not sign up so I did and that is where is all began!! I love a challenge! I have done the Wintergreen Super and Charlotte Sprint and now on the way for the Trifecta after I complete the Carolina Beast on Oct 30!! Also I just turned 54!! I really feel accomplished and proud!


In your own words, how did Ferguson Fitness help you prepare for your Spartan race?

Ferguson’s has been a major impact on preparing me for the races and what to expect! If I had not taken advantage of their training sessions I would have not been prepared! The training really prepared me on what to expect on race day as well as building my strength! I love the camaraderie! It is a great team! If you are ever thinking about doing an OCR you need to train with Ferguson’s!


Describe what you did to prepare for your Spartan race:

I took advantage of as many Spartan trainings with Ferguson’s as I could! That was huge! I also workout on a regular basis doing various types of workouts including strength training and cardio with Roy Jackson! I also run when I can in order to train and improve stamina! I workout at least 6 days a week! You also have to prepare your mind!!


What changes have you experienced in preparing for your Spartan race?

I have become stronger and more confident! I have realized I can do anything once I set my mind to it! I have learned mental focus is a must with these races and in any type of fitness that you do! I can’t do It is NOT an option! It is an amazing accomplishment! In addition I have met some awesome people that are now my friends! Thanks to the Ferguson OCR team!!


Describe your Spartan race day experience:

Race day is one of the most amazing feelings with all sorts of emotions!! I am so pumped and full of adrenaline! There is the nerves pre race, then it starts and you just start running and then come the obstacles! You feel like you can do anything and then there are the moments that you think OMG am I crazy why did I sign up for this but then you put that mental focus in play and you continue on and you make it to that fire and jump across and you think I have succeeded! WOW! It is pure pleasure and accomplishment! I could go on but you get the point!!


What would you tell someone who is thinking about training for a Spartan race?

I would tell them to do it! You can do anything you set your site’s on! I would make they knew to train hard and be prepared! Have the right shoes, socks, clothes and that proper nutrition and hydration is a must!


Interested in training for a Spartan race with Ferguson Fitness?  We are the only regional official Spartan Race Training Center offering SGX workouts along with a variety of other group workouts and personal or at home training options.  We have lots of ways to help you even from a distance.  We are enrolling now for our 2017 training season so click below to fill out an interest form and application and we will follow up with more information and schedule your free consultation and first free workout!

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