Snow Day Workouts – Be a Warrior!

Snow Day Workouts – Be a Warrior!

Feb 15, 2016


Just because the weather is bad and gyms are closed doesn’t mean you have to miss your workout!  We love that Beachbody On Demand has literally TONS of workouts you can stream right to your phone, laptop, tablet. or other streaming device and stay on track to reach your goals.  You can try it for 30 days for FREE before your first quarterly payment will be billed.  And THEN its only $39 every 3 months – that’s less than $14 a month – a STEAL  of a deal if you ask me!  Here is just a few of the workouts and programs you can access on demand that DON’T require any equipment.  (Literally no excuses now!)


Sneak Peak – Insanity Max 30

Sneak Peak – Piyo

Sneak Peak – Cize



Brazil Butt Lift

Tai Cheng

**And one of our favorites from P90X3 = THE WARRIOR


We love The Warrior workout from Tony Horton’s P90X3.  He literally created this one as he was traveling to all the US Military bases around the world to give our soldiers a great workout they can do anywhere without equipment. It consists of 4 blocks.  Each block contains a 1 minute push up exercise, a 1 minute cardio exercise, a 1 minute core exercise, and a 1 minute lower body exercise. Plus its only 30 minutes but it feels like 60!   The exercises are listed here  but you definitely want to try it On Demand to get the exercise form, timing and great motivation from Tony himself!


P90x3 The Warrior:

Warm up – Jumping jacks, run in place, light stretches – 4 minutes

Block 1

Plank – Sphinx – Pushups – 1 minute (Alternate between high plank, low plank and pushups)

Speed Skater – 1 minute

Down Dog Crunches – 1 minute

Side Lunge Jump Shot – 1 minute




Block 2

Elevator Push ups – 1 minute (Hold at top floor, middle floor and bottom floor)

Double Uppercut, Sprawls – 30 sec each side,  1 minute total (Burpees in disguise!)

Roller Boat – 1 minute (Alternate between holding boat pose and rolling like a ball)

One Leg Jump Squats – 30 sec each side, 1 minute total




Block 3

Thumbs Up Push up – 1 minute (Push up then lift arm with thumb up and opp leg for brief balance)

Elbow, Over the top Elbow, Sprawls – 30 sec each side, 1 minute total

Fifer Scissor Twist – 1 minute

Warrior Squat Lunges – 15 reps each leg, 1 minute total (step or jump between squat and R or L leg lunge)




Block 4

Super Burpee – 1 minute (Jump to plank, push up side arm balance right, push up side arm balance left, push up jump back up and straight or tuck jump)

Think Drills – 1 minute (Basketball fast feet – move front, back, right, left and sprints)

Abrinome – 1 minute

Spiderman Squats – 1 minute (Jumping squats in run stance from one side to the other)

*Burnout – you will have to access this On Demand!


Here’s the link to access and sign up for Beachbody On Demand with Ferguson Fitness as your Coach if you haven’t already!



If you would like more help with workouts, goals, nutrition, motivation or getting started, simply complete the form below and we will get back to you to set up a free consultation the phone or in person!  Stay active and on track no matter what the weather brings!


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