Sick of counting calories?

Sick of counting calories?

Dec 20, 2014


Tracking numbers and results is typically a key component of being successful in accomplishing your goals.  If you want to save more money, you have to set a budget and track every dollar you spend to be successful.  And for many of us, using some sort of food journal or tracking system is an important part of accountability to our weight loss and fitness goals.  Weight watchers has points, many people track calorie intake on apps or online with My Fitness Pal, Choose Your Plate, Livestrong, and tons more!  And then there’s the gadgets – fitbit, fuel band, jawbone, heart rate monitors and some pedometers.  At points in time, both the wellness center and Gold’s gym I worked for utilized the bodybugg arm band systems which tracked activity daily and required you to complete an online food journal and target a calorie deficit to lose weight.  I’ve also had training clients simply keep a written log of their food intake and just the act of writing things down helped clean up their nutrition and lose weight.  All of the above can be successful in helping people lose weight and stay on track.  But personally, I am a pretty busy person and could only make time to track calories and food intake in journals or online for so long before I “fell” off the wagon.

Max 30 food trackers

What if there were something simpler?  The system I have found to be the simplest, easiest, and most successful over the long run has been the Portion Control system.  I first used it with the 21 Day Fix program which Beachbody launched in February this year.  I started my 21 day program in April and lost 9 pounds!  And I have always been active and worked out regularly for the most part since I was in my early twenties.  So I wasn’t technically overweight but I have been frustrated at times with working out hard and often and not feeling like my physique really matched my efforts.  So to lose 9 pounds in 21 days was pretty incredible and eye opening for me.  And I found using the containers to plan out my meals and my days was easy and fit into my busy schedule.  Plus it not only teaches you the right portions of foods to eat but the right foods to eat and the right amounts of WHICH foods to eat.  I had to learn, for instance, how to get more vegetables and proteins in, and limit my complex carbs and fruits to the right types and amounts to stay on track.  Oh and healthy fats aka the blue container?  I like avacado AND hummus AND almonds but I learned I couldn’t have them all in the same day lol!  But once I had used the containers and planned my meals and snacks for the first few days, it became really easy to do and I know in my head without even writing things down where I was with the different food groups.


Portion fix


So I was very excited when we got our new Insanity Max 30 kit and the nutrition plan is based on the Portion control containers!  I’ve included a picture of the tracking sheets you can use to simply tally your containers each day so you can stay on track.  Its still a tracking system yes but keeping track of tally marks (and low numbers like 1-4 haha) is so simple and quick compared to trying to guess at serving sizes and calories and constantly looking up nutrition facts and labels.  Even more exciting is now Beachbody has the Portion Fix system available for purchase separately from a fitness program or kit so you can use it with ANY workout program and “fix” your nutrition to see maximum results.  If you want to try out the Portion Fix system for yourself, simply click the picture and you can order it through team Ferguson Fitness.  If you have questions or want help with your workouts or nutrition, simply contact us using the form below.  This makes a GREAT last minute Christmas gift to yourself or others!


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