Personal Trainer Bios



Anthony is a United States Marine veteran and has been developing his love for fitness since he was a teenager.  He has worked in various facilities and settings over the past 20 years as a personal trainer and manager and now owns Ferguson Fitness with his wife Johanna.


He’s always had a goal of changing lives through fitness and finds new ways to train and motivate people and inspire those around him to be active and healthy.  He has experience as a competitive body builder and now heads up our Spartan SGX training program and local Spartan team.


He motivates everyone around him and has long-tine loyal clients due to his excellence in training for results and helping people focus on their goals and do more than they thought they could.


Anthony leads many of our group workouts, and is available for one on one personal training and as an online health and fitness coach.



Johanna has her Masters in Exercise Science from the University of Tennessee and is currently working to complete her Doctorate of Public Health at Walden University.  She is an Assistant Professor at Jefferson College of Health Sciences in Health & Exercise Science.


She’s held various roles in the fitness industry for the past 20 years including group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and various management positions.  She currently instructs Piyo and Star City Boot Camp.


Due to her schedule, Johanna does not take face to face personal training clients however she does offer online coaching outside of the group workouts she instructs.  She is also available for consulting on corporate wellness and health promotion in the community.


She and Anthony started Ferguson Fitness in 2008 and have been passionately working since then to change lives through fitness and help as many people as possible.


What Anthony has to say about Johanna: “I think that Johanna is a great role model for our kids and our clients in being active and healthy.  We both like to “keep it real” – we are human and struggle with things like pizza and ice cream too!  Johanna’s knowledge and organizational skills are a driving force in our business and being able to do what we do.  I couldn’t do what I do without her!”



Erin graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Exercise & Health Promotion.


She has been teaching group classes and personal training for 10 years. She has training and personal experience with Division 1 soccer, half and full marathons, body building, as well as fitness and nutrition before, during  & after pregnancy.


Erin was one of the first trainers we hired several years ago when we worked in a commercial gym and she does an amazing job getting clients RESULTS and always does it with a SMILE!  We are thrilled to be working with her again.



Anthony, or “2.0” as we like to call him, is a Roanoke native and collegiate athlete. He recently graduated from Bluefield College with a BA in Exercise and Sports Medicine and has been involved in the fitness industry for 10 years now.


We first “discovered” Anthony back in our commercial gym days when we helped him get a part time job cleaning equipment and recently, he completed his senior internship with us at the studio.


Anthony’s ability to motivate and inspire clients is natural – something we can’t teach.  People immediately light up and get energized when he’s leading workouts.  Anthony is ready to train with clients of all fitness levels.


“My passion is developing and enhancing individuals to become the best version of themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. Whether the goal is to become a competitive athlete, have the energy to play with the kids, or simply gain the motivation to get off the couch…I enjoy helping people reach their untapped potential. By coincidence, one of my mentors and I have the exact same name so I was jokingly given the nickname “2.0”. No, I am not a better version of him, but I AM a better version of myself. And you can be too!”