Meet our Clients: MELISSA

Meet our Clients: MELISSA

Feb 12, 2016





What She Does with Ferguson Fitness:

    • Group Workouts
    • At home fitness/nutrition program
    • Fit Life Facebook group
    • Friday Fit Club



  •  High School Chemistry Teacher



  • I am passionate about singing (in church and Roanoke Symphony Chorus), crafts in many forms (scrapbooking, embroidery, drawing, painting, furniture, collages, etc), being active (running, hiking, biking – anything I can get into), costume making (for renaissance faires and Halloween), traveling and taking students abroad, and Halloween in general. 🙂


Been at Ferguson Fitness:

  • 5 months



  • “When I started,  my goal was to be able to fit in my jeans that had become embarrassingly tight over the past year and to lose some stomach “bulge.” By the way, I AM able to get into those jeans now, and I want to KEEP IT THAT WAY! 🙂   Outside of the fact that I feel more awake and less muscle/back pain that I used to simply attribute to the stress of my job, I noticed that I can fit into clothes that did not fit previously, I feel and look more slimmed down, I HAVE MUSCLES, I can do 4 or more pull-ups unassisted whereas I could not do 1 previously, and people have noticed that I have lost weight in my face and body which surprised me at first because I did not think I was changing that much before that.


What She Likes About Us:

  • “The accountability that I feel and Fergie Fit is what I needed. Prior to coming there I was trying to go to Planet Fitness to run and use equipment that I’m sure I was misusing. I was not noticing much of a difference and it was hard to keep motivated. Knowing that there is someone there to push me/challenge me and who notices if I am out for a few days keeps me motivated in addition to the fact that I am really seeing results and it did not take long before others did too. I like this place so much that I have pre-paid for the next 6 months!  If you are thinking about trying it out, come and try it out immediately! It is unlike trying to workout simply on your own. Live classes are much more engaging and motivating and the fun and friendly people pushing you is a feeling unrivaled by any group setting I have been in previously. There is no intimidation or feeling like people are staring at you that you may get at a gym. There are so many varieties of programs that there will be at least one that they love. I enjoy BootCamp, Insanity, Piyo, Cize and Friday Fit club. I have to be honest that I don’t let myself miss a BootCamp if possible. 🙂


What We Love About Melissa:

  • Melissa works hard at every workout she attends.  We love that she is extremely funny and super smart!  Plus she loves to dance and Cize it Up!  We are privileged to work with awesome clients daily!
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