Healthy Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Healthy Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Oct 12, 2014

Anthony buffalo chicken pizza


Ok, we confess – we LOVE pizza!  We still do a pizza night at least once a week.  We just try to stay on track using portion control and planning it into our meal plan for the day but name brand/store bought pizza has a ton of salt and artificial ingredients.  So we decided to get back to our homemade pizzas to save some calories (and money) and use healthier ingredients.


Anthony’s recipe for tonight was for Buffalo Chicken pizza.  He used our slow cooker to cook the chicken breast in Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce.  Then he used a Naan whole wheat pizza crust and spread buffalo sauce over the crust.  He topped that with shredded mozzarella, the grilled chicken, and then drizzled more of the buffalo sauce on top.   We baked that at 450° for about 15 minutes.  It was amazing!  Here’s his recap on the nutritional information and how many calories you can save doing it yourself:


The Recipe:

buffalo chicken pizza recipe card


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