Cara’s Transformation

Cara’s Transformation

Sep 12, 2017


I wanted to take some time to introduce myself to those who may not know me.  I want to share my story with you, so that if you’re contemplating making some positive health and fitness changes, maybe hearing my journey will inspire you to get started!  I also want to show you that I understand certain struggles and barriers that may be holding you back.  The path of making your life better through fitness is absolutely doable for everyone.  It doesn’t matter where you are right now: I can help you!

My interest in exercise started in high school, when I fell in love with cross country running.  I wasn’t consistent with it after graduation though.  I’d be active for a few years then lose interest.  Inevitably I’d gain a significant amount of weight.  I’d start exercising again to lose the weight but I wouldn’t change anything about my lifestyle, so the weight loss was short lived.  This happened to me twice:  I gained 60+ pounds each time!

Once my daughter was born in 2014, we purchased an elliptical and a TreadClimber, and I started doing cardio at home.  My only focus was losing weight- NOT changing my lifestyle!  I don’t remember the exact thing that triggered it, but one day it just clicked to me that if I wanted to set my daughter up for success later, I needed to set the example now.  I needed to show her that we exercise for health, we eat to live, and that being active is just a part of life.  I immediately reached out to Anthony and Johanna at Ferguson Fitness and the journey began.  I went from trudging through the same old cardio routine (and seeing little results) to varying my workouts, learning the proper way to work out, and gradually becoming stronger.  Once I embraced proper nutrition on top of the personal training, the results came quickly!

In less than a year, my body fat percentage decreased from around 30% to around 16%.  I have more confidence and more energy.  I have a better sense of emotional and mental well-being and can release stress through exercise (instead of dessert).  I’ve fallen in love with running again and with Spartan races.  Healthy meal prep is a family event, where my husband pitches in and we teach our daughter about the different fruits and vegetables.  Most importantly, I’m setting a healthy example for my family.  In fact, I fell so in love with my new lifestyle that I decided to become a personal trainer.  I am passionate about helping others live better lives, so if you are ready to take that step (or take your fitness to a new level if you’re already active), I understand and I am here for you!


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