Anthony’s American Ninja Warrior training update!

Anthony’s American Ninja Warrior training update!

Nov 17, 2015

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Its amazing to me that I really only found out about American Ninja Warrior about two years ago…seriously we were made for each other and I was clueless for the first five seasons. I think I had become so sick of anything that I assumed was a reality  tv show that I had tuned out. I have a a amazing wife that I love like crazy and drive crazy too but my soulmate for tv shows and competition has to be American Ninja Warrior. I even love that it started in Japan, being stationed in Okinawa Japan for a year while in the Marine Corps was one of the best years of my life. Who knew this North Carolina native who grew up in a very rural part Virginia would get to experience Japanese culture and love it! Back in August I turned in my application to compete in Season 8 of American Ninja Warrior and made a commitment to myself and family to train and compete! Here is a quick update on how I am preparing and I have to tell you I have a long way to go!

Nutrition (always the most important and arguably the hardest!)

My approach goes back to May of this year when I got curious about how I could feel my best and researched the different styles of  how I could eat more of a plant based diet. I realized that my diet had a real lack of fruits and vegetables and I felt like I was consuming too much protein. Becoming a vegetarian or a vegan felt too extreme so instead I cut down my servings of meats down to 10-12 ozs of primarily fish and turkey. I got the rest of my protein from eggs, Shakeology, and our new Recover shake. Its been interesting finding out how to combine different vegetables,grains and legumes to boost protein in meals. The results so far have been good, I was able to get my bodyfat down and be competitive during the Beachbody Classic in July and feel more energy and less issues with indigestion!  It also saves money plus recently have found ways to make it work with the 21 day fix! I also feel like its been easier to stay lean and keep my bodyfat low.









Training (the “fun” part)

If you have watched American Ninja Warrior you probably felt like me and thought the competitors must be superhuman or something. I am blessed to have worked in the fitness industry for the past sixteen years but that does not mean I get to workout endlessly all day (I wish!) So I focus on workouts that I can get done in under a hour with a emphasis on high intensity cardio, bodyweight training and core. Daily I do Insanity Max 30 and daily it thoroughly kicks my butt! Three to four times weekly I complete a customized bodyweight resistance workout or one of the P90X routines. After researching training routines of some of the standouts of American Ninja Warrior and seeing the courses I think the area I need to focus on the most is grip strength! I have added in a few workouts at our local indoor rock climbing gym and realize that I have so far to go in getting better at this Its a whole new territory and challenge that is crucial in being able to conquer the course!

Supplements (notice I listed this after Nutrition and Training)

Overall I have to warn you 97% of all things you will read or see about supplements is completely hype. If you have someone telling you all about how awesome their supplements are without first helping you find solutions for your nutrition or training… the other direction! For the past  two years Johanna and I have been Beachbody coaches and even lead a really awesome and growing team of coaches so naturally we decided to use Beachbody supplements before recommending them to others. Daily since starting as a coach we have drank Shakeology and personally I feel like it helps me get a ton of vitamins and nutrients in plus helps me stay full. In July at the Beachbody Summit they released the Beachbody Performance line (just in time) I went all in and use  the Energize for pre-workout energy, Hydrate for during workout, Recover for post workout protein and the Recharge for a nighttime protein. The reviews: I love the energize and can not imagine working out without it, the Recover tastes awesome and I look forward to it after each workout, Hydrate I feel gives me that little bit of extra endurance and our competitive gymnastics daughter uses it during her three hour practices, Recharge is the one I do not use as often mainly since I eat dinner so late and usually do not feel like drinking it before bed.


This has been the truly surprising part to me.  Everywhere I go, people that know me ask me how training is going and if I’ve heard about my application yet.  A couple of our clients even got me a couple ANW tshirts and an awesome jacket (thanks Krista and John!) so when I wear those, lots of people ask me if I’m on the show or training for it.  Kids seem to get excited about it and want to know more about training.  Our local community is definitely already showing great support so that is super motivating to stay on track with training and keep pushing hard toward my goal. If you are interested in getting our help with training, nutrition or getting started, just complete the application below and we will contact you with more details!

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